One-liners to Mar 12


25 Feb Tom drops a shocking bombshell and Pat has concerns.
26 Feb Lily faces a difficult dilemma and Pip is far from impressed.
27 Feb Things are looking up for Ed, and Adam has a plan.
28 Feb Susan finds herself rebuffed and Helen attempts to combat her nerves.
01 Mar It’s a big night for Lee, and Clarrie imparts some difficult news.

03 Mar Tom is left disappointed and Jolene struggles under the weight of criticism.
04 Mar Tony has grave concerns and Hannah is forced to make a sacrifice.
05 Mar Will learns the truth and Justin turns the tables.
06 Mar Kenton drops a bombshell and Emma finds herself caught in the middle.
07 Mar Roy expresses concern and Alice struggles to manage a social situation.
08 Mar It’s a big day for Tom and there’s bad news at Brookfield.

10 Mar Lily can’t help feeling rejected and Tom makes plans for the future.
11 Mar Helen admits the truth and Kate attempts some subtle manipulation.
12 Mar Susan tries to get to the bottom of things and there’s an emergency dash at Brookfield.


“I’m still Jennifer!”

“It turns out my degree in Business Studies from Bypass Polytechnic may not actually be valid.”

“Hmm, stay with the bloke who gives me everything I ask for but has no money, or go back to Mum who gives me everything I ask for but has no money?”

“)(%(&$# seagulls.”

“Scruff Gin. That’ll do the trick.”

“But why did she ask me to bring my practice knives?”


Sadly, no sign of a Kate melt-down. She’s in the cast list this week, but not next, nor the following. Can’t believe she wouldn’t be making waves.


Tom drops a bombshell

Is he moving to Wales to live with Natasha and her trees?


Well he can bugger off, we don’t want him !


I guess she moves into Rory’s room. She certainly won’t be slumming it.


… & Lily in it across 2 weeks. Assuming that’s not from Manchester that’s yet more time away from her course.

She cannot possibly be achieving anything in her course.

… & Freddie must be close to an early release by this period.


I’ve added two days, March 5 & 6, but the Sunday and Monday are missing. I hope Justin turning the tables is to do with Kate. And what can Kenton’s bombshell be? We have one from Tom on Feb 25 and The Daily Mail mentions a bombshell from Lily as well. Gosh, when you think about it, Jill has just dropped the Leonard bombshell. It’s a miracle anyone is still alive in Ambridge.


Delete ‘miracle’, insert ‘pity’


Ambridge, twinned with Neheim-Hüsten? (Just down from the Möhne Dam.)


At least there were truly innocent folk caught up in my Mohne damn

The incestuos Archer crowd are far from innocent


I always wonder “innocent of what, exactly?” when they are tallying up tje corpses and oiling on about it.


March 7 & 8 added, 3 & 4 still missing, but we do have the credits for that week. Oddly enough there’s Lee but no Helen. Might be a mistake. But Susan is there, what joy if she gave him her account of Stab Night.


March 3 & 4 now filled in. Jolene struggling under the weight of … criticism, must admit ‘criticism’ wasn’t the first word that came to mind.


“Iä, iä, Cthulhu fthagn!”


Aw bless. Little Gideon’s first words.


No. Henry, yesterday.


Henry always struck me as more the “Born in the image of the greatest power in the world! The Desolate One. Desolate because his greatness was taken from him and he was cast down. But he has risen in me!” type.


More a retarded little squirt, in my estimation.
Your version sounds spiffier, though I’m not sure the Milksop Kid can live up to it


She slaughters Natasha on Lakey Hill?