One-liners to March 15th

23 Feb Emma and Ed get an offer, and Alice has a shock.

25 Feb Jolene fears the worst, and there’s a case of mistaken identity for Tracy.
26 Feb It’s crunch time for Alice, and Alistair seeks a shoulder to cry on.
27 Feb The walls close in on Harrison, and Jazzer has a confession to make.
28 Feb Jim hatches a cunning plan, and Kenton has reservations.
29 Feb Susan and Neil scale the heights, and Adam is shocked by recent events.
01 Mar Fallon finds herself in an impossible situation, and Justin is under scrutiny.

03 Mar Alice needs a favour, and Alistair makes a surprising career decision.
04 Mar Denise receives an unexpected declaration, while Fallon and Harrison worry about what lies ahead.
05 Mar Fallon loses her cool, and Denise is on the receiving end of some emotional blackmail.
06 Mar Denise has a heart to heart, and Alistair makes his mind up.
07 Mar Alistair reveals his plans, and Jakob takes a hard line.
08 Mar Chris makes a shocking discovery, and Denise confronts Alistair about his decision.

10 Mar Chris questions Alice’s judgement, and not everyone is happy with the new look in the Tearoom.
11 Mar Ed and Emma come to a decision, and Alice faces an uphill struggle.
12 Mar Kate offers some advice, and George sticks his oar in.
13 Mar An old face makes a big impression, and Kate is intent on mending fences.
14 Mar Brian explores his options, and Emma seeks some business advice.
15 Mar Tony is left disappointed, and one resident faces a dilemma.