One-liners to March 18

01 Mar Harrison delivers some unexpected news, and Susan has ambitions.
02 Mar There’s tension at Greenacres, and Phoebe finds herself losing control.
03 Mar Ruairi’s suggestion causes controversy, and Jim questions himself.
04 Mar Alice finds herself under pressure, and Clarrie is determined.

08 Mar Negotiations commence at Brookfield and Neil comes to a decision.
09 Mar One resident finds themselves in a terrifying situation and the pressure is on for Jazzer.
10 Mar Tension mounts at the hospital and Jim extends the hand of friendship.
11 Mar Susan has concerns over a loved one, and Clarrie lands herself in trouble.

15 Mar Ben receives an unexpected gift and Eddie makes a rash decision.
16 Mar Recent events take their toll on Alice and a decision is reached at Brookfield.
17 Mar Jazzer learns a valuable lesson and Clarrie drops a bombshell.
18 Mar Chris attempts to be supportive and Eddie’s idea continues to cause problems.


quis custodiet ips…. Oh, never mind, never mind.