One-liners to March 1st

09 Feb Harry makes a surprising admission, and the problems continue to mount for Jolene.

11 Feb Fallon has a suggestion for Alice, and David lends a hand.
12 Feb Revenge is sweet for Adam, and Tony’s on the ropes.
13 Feb Alistair jumps to conclusions, and things get awkward for Harry.
14 Feb Fallon and Harrison are due for a chat, and Kenton’s had enough.
15 Feb Pip has a proposal for Ruth, and Paul receives shocking news.
16 Feb There are home truths at the Bull, and Harrison has his hands full.

18 Feb Emma takes a step forward, and Vince presses Jolene.
19 Feb Jolene comes to a decision, and Ed has reason to celebrate.
20 Feb Natasha is shown a new perspective, and Jolene has a sinister encounter.
21 Feb Harrison has some advice for Harry, and Tony’s at the abattoir.
22 Feb David swallows his pride, and Fallon thinks on her feet.
23 Feb Emma and Ed get an offer, and Alice has a shock.

25 Feb Jolene fears the worst, and there’s a case of mistaken identity for Tracy.
26 Feb It’s crunch time for Alice, and Alistair seeks a shoulder to cry on.
27 Feb The walls close in on Harrison, and Jazzer has a confession to make.
28 Feb Jim hatches a cunning plan, and Kenton has reservations.
29 Feb Susan and Neil scale the heights, and Adam is shocked by recent events.
01 Mar Fallon finds herself in an impossible situation, and Justin is under scrutiny.