One-liners to March 20

01 Mar Lynda is left disappointed and Kirsty drops a bombshell.
02 Mar Johnny is on a mission and Shula has her feelings hurt.
03 Mar Ed finds himself in an awkward situation and Kirsty struggles with her suspicions.
04 Mar Emma makes a big decision and Tom attempts to impress.
05 Mar Philip springs a surprise and Lynda is at her wits’ end.
06 Mar Disaster strikes for Oliver and there’s a breakthrough for Tom.

08 Mar Lynda’s frustration grows and there are fireworks on Tom and Natasha’s first wedding anniversary.
09 Mar One resident finds themselves in a desperate situation and Emma struggles to remain calm under pressure.
10 Mar There’s bad news for Robert and Elizabeth goes over the top.
11 Mar Oliver bears the brunt and Russ offers his support.
12 Mar Emotions run high for Lilian and Clarrie has concerns about her new guest.
13 Mar Philip receives some worrying information and Tracy attempts to help a friend in need.

15 Mar Lilian offers support and Ben’s 18th birthday present causes debate.
16 Mar Philip questions his future and Ed has concerns.
17 Mar Kirsty needs some reassurance and Adam finds himself overworked.
18 Mar Harrison makes a worrying discovery and Lilian has a brainwave.
19 Mar There’s a near miss for Ed and Lilian delivers some good news.
20 Mar The stress rises for Philip and Brian makes an intervention.



(…shades of Alan Bleasedale’s “Yosser Hughes” (“Boys from the Blackstuff”) (1978))


“My warrant card looks exactly like this one from a Christmas cracker.”