One-liners to March 21st

03 Mar Alice needs a favour, and Alistair makes a surprising career decision.
04 Mar Denise receives an unexpected declaration, while Fallon and Harrison worry about what lies ahead.
05 Mar Fallon loses her cool, and Denise is on the receiving end of some emotional blackmail.
06 Mar Denise has a heart to heart, and Alistair makes his mind up.
07 Mar Alistair reveals his plans, and Jakob takes a hard line.
08 Mar Chris makes a shocking discovery, and Denise confronts Alistair about his decision.

10 Mar Chris questions Alice’s judgement, and not everyone is happy with the new look in the Tearoom.
11 Mar Ed and Emma come to a decision, and Alice faces an uphill struggle.
12 Mar Kate offers some advice, and George sticks his oar in.
13 Mar An old face makes a big impression, and Kate is intent on mending fences.
14 Mar Brian explores his options, and Emma seeks some business advice.
15 Mar Tony is left disappointed, and one resident faces a dilemma.

17 Mar Lynda is on a mission, while Kate turns detective.
18 Mar Tracy has a bone to pick, and Stella has a delicate problem on her hands.
18 Mar One resident tries out a new hobby, and Brian takes the next step.
19 Mar Justin makes Stella an interesting offer, and hare spotting is the order of the day at the rewilding.
20 Mar Confusion reigns when Hannah struggles to make a move, and the race to be cricket club chair takes a surprising turn.
21 Mar Justin and Lilian are in for a shock at the Easter Ball, and Stella tries to discuss things with Pip.


Not that we’re not grateful for your spoilers provision, Janie, but these things do rather sap the will to live.


in particular have me wondering where I can lay hands on an old service revolver, a decanter and a library. Although I might be unfatally distracted by the latter two, which would, taking the long view, be An Error.


I didn’t even know the cricket club had a chair. I can remember endless competition for the role of captain, but who is or has been the chair? If we know, I didn’t.


Well, I suppose all the other detective show concepts have been done… it’s Ageing Ex-Hippy, and each week she gets pregnant by the main suspect.


Yes, might spoil your aim. Do remember to point the revolver Katewards, not Guswards, however. You won’t agree, but I beg you to spare Lynda.


“But we can’t understand why she would try to eat her OBE, still less choke on it.”