One-liners to March 29 (Friday, March 22 missing)

10 Mar Lily can’t help feeling rejected and Tom makes plans for the future.
11 Mar Helen admits the truth and Kate attempts some subtle manipulation.
12 Mar Susan tries to get to the bottom of things and there’s an emergency dash at Brookfield.
13 Mar Adam makes a surprising discovery and Rex offers some advice.
14 Mar Emma comes to the rescue and Natasha learns a shocking truth.
15 Mar There’s an emotional showdown for Helen and Peggy makes an offer.

17 Mar Leonard makes his presence felt and Pat has a tricky subject to raise.
18 Mar Helen bends the truth and Russ is not impressed.
19 Mar There’s a change in the air for Jill and Alice stands firm.
20 Mar Jolene receives an unexpected offer and Peggy attempts a ceasefire.
21 Mar Helen’s lies catch up with her and David wants answers.
22 Mar

24 Mar Lily fears for the future and Shula continues her quest to fill the void.
25 Mar Tom discovers a surprising truth and Pip has reservations.
26 Mar A business meeting ends badly for Pat and Leonard doesn’t think he’s up to scratch.
27 Mar It’s all change for Alistair and Ed feels suffocated.
28 Mar Natasha is put on the spot and Will offers a solution.
29 Mar Freddie returns to Ambridge but has his prison experience changed him for better or worse?


ObBloodnok: you filthy swine!

As Helen’s newest relative, you’re on permanent baby-minding duty. What’s a honeymoon?


We now have the one-liner for Friday, March 29 - Freddie returns! (nothing else significant about that date, is there?) - but the two missing days are still missing. However, we have the credits and there is a ‘Doug’. Not the lovely Doug Somerville, I’m afraid! Freddie’s parole officer, perhaps.

David Seddon

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“Having been surrounded by people with no ability to think through the consequences of their actions, I’ve decided that I never want to do that again. So I’m leaving Ambridge.”