One-liners to March 30

7 Mar Joe turns detective, and Toby hatches a plan.
8 Mar Alice’s evening ends in disaster, and Fallon takes up a challenge
9 Mar Clarrie attempts to calm the waters, and Ruth finds herself frozen out.

11 Mar Shula is left disappointed, and Will finds himself overwhelmed.
12 Mar Toby has a cunning plan, and there is a problem for Kate.
13 Mar Joe makes a shocking admission, and Fallon steps up.
14 Mar Alistair’s world collapses, and Clarrie has a visitor.
15 Mar Jim is caught in the middle, and Adam finds himself ousted.
16 Mar Emma is concerned, and Brian tries to do the right thing.

18 Mar Clarrie fears the worst, while Shula speaks from experience.
19 Mar Justin calls in a favour, and Pat is offended.
20 Mar Alice goes too far, and Will attempts a brave face.
21 Mar Alistair fails to make sense of recent events, while Chris tries to do the right thing.
22 Mar Ruth hears some interesting news, and Clarrie struggles to forgive.
23 Mar Brian’s nightmare continues, and Jill offers support.

25 Mar Brian is put on the spot, and Shula’s mind is made up.
26 Mar Ruth faces a dilemma, and Pat makes a new acquaintance.
27 Mar Will takes a step backwards, and Susan is not happy.
28 Mar The Aldridges implode, and Philip offers comfort.
29 Mar Kate is furious, and Lynda tries to keep a lid on her feelings.
30 Mar One villager makes a shocking admission, and Brian finds himself out in the cold.


oh not another shocking admission. No, actually and may rats gnaw their vitals, there are two. 13th and 30th. Tax rebates for the rat farms, I say.

Have you ever been shocked? By TA, I mean: I am not soliciting your sordid recollections from other spheres of life.


But wasn’t that the plan? Get hammered, throw up, get kicked out of the club, take a supremely expensive taxi home… a normal Friday night.

Oh, wait, that’s frozen in. Never mind.

…my lord.

“You’re breathing.”
“That’s not a problem.”
“It is from where I’m standing. Here, let me tie a knot in your neck.”

(Ah, remember when The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy wasn’t an endless series of sequels by other hands?)

“I have in fact been dead for the past ten years.”

Go down the pub and leave those 'orrible screechy women to get on with it?

Oo, k’poom like a vacuum tube or crump like an oil drum?

Nic: “Not actually dead, just bored with this horrible place.”


… &, short of the BBC deliberately misleading us (as if) it sounds like Shula tells Alistair he’s too dull & she’s off.

After forcing him to take on the National Debt if Denmark to set up his business AND take on the invisible woman as a partner.