One-liners to March 3rd

12 Feb Brian is in no mood to make decisions, and will some neighbourly do-gooding backfire?
13 Feb Things are looking up for David and Ruth, and Justin’s ears are pricked up.
14 Feb Freddie is setting the stage for Valentine’s, and Ruairi is making a pact.
15 Feb Where there’s a Will, there’s a way to talk. And there’s speculation about last night.
16 Feb Alice is trying to keep all the plates spinning, and can Brian swallow his pride?
17 Feb Noluthando takes a trip down memory lane, and Alice gets some tough love.

19 Feb Stubborn Brian gets a wake-up call, and Helen is concerned about Lee.
20 Feb David is doing his research, and Susan has a surprise for Alice.
21 Feb Have Helen and Lee come to a decision about the future? Kirsty and Roy have company.
22 Feb Adil has some tough love for Roy, and Lynda is about to up the ante.
23 Feb Is Brian ready to play host? There’s a real character coming to stay at Brookfield.
24 Feb Is it time for Lilian and Tony to bury the hatchet? Ben gets ready to take notes.

26 Feb Freddie needs to find some new volunteers, and Alan starts to feel the nerves.
27 Feb Ben has a baptism of fire, and Kate needs a sounding board.
28 Feb Does Chelsea know what she’s volunteering herself for? It’s time to learn a little more about ‘Sykesy’.
01 Mar Tony and Lilian have something important to discuss, and Helen tries to cheer up Lee.
02 Mar Brian may have the solution, and Chelsea spins a good historical yarn.
03 Mar Friends and family pay tribute to Jennifer, and Brian is in a colourful quandary.