One-liners to March 4

16 Feb Lilian attempts to keep the peace and Rex offers a solution.
17 Feb Lynda tries a new tactic and Eddie has the rug pulled from underneath him.
18 Feb There’s an emotional goodbye for Kirsty, and Lee fears the worst.

22 Feb Tensions rise at Brookfield and Johnny tries to make a friend see sense.
23 Feb Helen makes an important decision while Ben and Ruairi hatch a plot.
24 Feb Chris has a confession to make while Ruth and David come to an agreement.
25 Feb Kirsty faces her demons and Jim seeks advice.

01 Mar Harrison delivers some unexpected news, and Susan has ambitions.
02 Mar There’s tension at Greenacres, and Phoebe finds herself losing control.
03 Mar Ruairi’s suggestion causes controversy, and Jim questions himself.
04 Mar Alice finds herself under pressure, and Clarrie is determined.


“I’ve collected enough cereal box tops and now I’ve got my genuine police badge and secret decoder ring.”

“Have we ever tried not all being horrible to each other?”

“Where were you on the night of the 24th?” “I don’t remember!” “Oh come on sonny we know better than that.”