One-liners to March 6

17 Feb There’s a surprise for Kate and Ben makes his feelings known.
18 Feb Ed faces an awkward encounter and Shula admits responsibility.
19 Feb Lynda takes drastic action and Josh struggles with recent events.
20 Feb There’s a shock for Lilian and Philip is put in a difficult position.
21 Feb Josh attempts to do the right thing and Jim has something on his mind.

23 Feb There’s a tempting offer for Freddie and Kate considers her options.
24 Feb Jim is left stunned by some life changing news and Tracy shows her support.
25 Feb Jim struggles to take in recent events and Oliver has a dilemma on his hands.
26 Feb It’s an emotional day for Shula and Helen offers the benefit of experience.
27 Feb Roy questions himself and Jakob makes his feelings clear.
28 Feb Lilian loses her cool and Oliver attempts to do the right thing.

01 Mar Lynda is left disappointed and Kirsty drops a bombshell.
02 Mar Johnny is on a mission and Shula has her feelings hurt.
03 Mar Ed finds himself in an awkward situation and Kirsty struggles with her suspicions.
04 Mar Emma makes a big decision and Tom attempts to impress.
05 Mar Philip springs a surprise and Lynda is at her wits’ end.
06 Mar Disaster strikes for Oliver and there’s a breakthrough for Tom.


Oh, let’s update that a little.

“Missile counting down … doors are already open … missile away. Missile two counting down … missile two away. All missiles away. Doors coming closed."

To hoor or not to hoor, that is the question.

Hasn’t the poor bastard suffered enough?

SDS+ masonry bit, I told you, it’s the only way to get through a skull like that.


Looks like Ben is going to be the latest to tear his brother off a strip. Josh is now the Pariah of Ambridge. He should get out. Vince sounds like a well-connected man, he should be able to help.


Surely not another baby on the way?


A fully fledged bombshell would be better.