One-liners to May 10th

21 Apr Denise doesn’t know where to turn, and Ed’s feeling nervous.
22 Apr Alice fears she has gone too far, and Henry learns a trick or two.
23 Apr Alistair faces a dilemma, and Helen treads carefully.
24 Apr Alice has a mountain to climb, and Fallon supports a friend in need.
25 Apr There’s light at the end of the tunnel for Lilian, and Azra makes a friend.
26 Apr Alistair takes the plunge, and there’s a near miss for Joy.

28 Apr There’s a surprise for Emma and Azra finds herself embraced into village life.
29 Apr Jakob makes a shocking discovery and Chelsea’s ideas prove controversial.
30 Apr Jim makes a surprising offer and Lynda proves very influential.
01 May Denise hatches a plan and Alice attempts to prove herself.
02 May Jakob finds himself on the spot and Will attempts to keep the peace.
03 May One family face devastation and George struggles to pay the price.

05 May Brian’s words cut deep, and someone makes a terrible mistake with earth-shattering consequences.
06 May There’s a race against time in Ambridge, and one resident faces a nightmare situation.
07 May There’s life-changing news at the hospital, and Kate fears the worst.
08 May Alan provides a sympathetic ear, and Will is left confused.
09 May There’s heartbreak in store for Chris, while suspicions are raised about recent events.
10 May Tensions boil over for one family, and Harrison takes shocking action.


Are the frackers back?