One-liners to May 13

26 Apr Ben makes a surprising confession and Justin finds himself with a new nemesis.
27 Apr Joy turns the tables and debate rages at Lower Loxley.
28 Apr Lilian gets her hands dirty and Eddie springs a surprise.
29 Apr The walls close in on Alice, and Rex looks to the future.

03 May Lee is confronted with the naked truth while Brian slams the door for Adam.
04 May Alan helps with a spiritual crisis and Susan’s ideas miss the mark.
05 May Fallon struggles to keep quiet while Mia discovers two’s company.
06 May It’s Christening day for Martha but with tensions brewing will the day go without a hitch?

10 May Susan attempts to pick up the pieces but Jennifer’s feeling helpless.
11 May Chris pulls no punches and Joy lets Elizabeth in on a secret.
12 May Fallon wants tongues to stop wagging but Emma can’t hold hers any longer.
13 May Josh and Rex walk on eggshells and Ruairi offers an olive branch.