One-liners to May 19

01 May Oliver makes a tempting offer and Pat struggles to offer advice.
02 May Roy doesn’t know where to turn and there’s a shock for Pat.
03 May Tracy makes her feelings clear and Stella faces an unexpected hurdle.
04 May Pat contemplates the future and Eddie attempts to help a friend in need.
05 May There’s a sad goodbye in Ambridge and Jolene offers an olive branch.

08 May Jill has a brainwave and Tracy suffers a crisis of confidence.
09 May Tracy faces another barrier and Jim makes his feelings clear.
10 May Jazzer hatches a plan and tensions mount at the cricket practice.
11 May Shula finds herself in an unexpected situation and Chelsea makes a surprising admission.
12 May Fallon puts her foot in it and Freddie may have bitten off more than he can chew.

15 May Has Pip found a perfect solution? Chelsea gets bossy.
16 May Alice feels out of her depth, and Mia needs to clear the air.
17 May Jakob’s keen to keep things professional, and Freddie’s feeling defensive.
18 May Roy feels rather uncomfortable, and there’s trouble served at Lower Loxley.
19 May Brian is looking out for his family, and Will feels ready to learn.


One part nitric, three parts hydrochloric.


Vegans. It happens. Swan Vestas are the answer.

Yeah, I’d avoid them myself.


Pip Archer is no more,
For what she thought was H2O
Was H2SO4.


First line omitted. It go:
Though once there was a bleating tart,