One-liners to May 27

10 May Susan attempts to pick up the pieces but Jennifer’s feeling helpless.
11 May Chris pulls no punches and Joy lets Elizabeth in on a secret.
12 May Fallon wants tongues to stop wagging but Emma can’t hold hers any longer.
13 May Josh and Rex walk on eggshells and Ruairi offers an olive branch.

17 May Tensions rise at Berrow Farm and Susan makes a costly error.
18 May Peggy begins to wonder if she has done the right thing and Helen comes to the rescue.
19 May Jim finds himself caught in the crossfire and Kirsty offers a solution.
20 May Alice faces the consequences of her actions and Jazzer offers support.

24 May The siblings assemble for Jennifer while Helen faces a dilemma.
25 May Ian offers some advice and Elizabeth is left speechless.
26 May Ruairi attempts to help and chaos reigns at Beechwood.
27 May The pressure gets to Neil, and Lee unveils a surprise.


“Siblings… Assemble!” (Just me?)

“Should I do what’s best for me, or what will allow other people to be fulfilled by helping me?”

“Don’t be a stage Oirishman Ruairi, there’s no money in it.”

“It’s a Global knife set!”