One-liners to May 3

16 Apr Freddie is forced to ask a favour from the enemy and Emma finds herself compromised.
17 Apr Natasha finds herself the talk of Ambridge and Russ comes to a decision.
18 Apr Lily offers an explanation and Chris is forced to dish out a lecture.
19 Apr Ed plays a dangerous game and Shula’s crisis deepens.

21 Apr Tom is backed into a corner and Elizabeth makes a breakthrough.
22 Apr The pressure piles on Mia, and Alan offers some words of encouragement.
23 Apr Natasha finds herself in demand and Jill shares a tender moment.
24 Apr Elizabeth faces up to her troubles and an old mystery rears its head.
25 Apr Will thinks he’s solved a problem and Freddie struggles to find his place.
26 Apr Tom’s world starts to crumble and Jim’s plan backfires.

28 Apr Tom is distracted following recent events and Jolene has a brainwave.
29 Apr There’s a shock for Clarrie while Alistair and Shula share a heart to heart.
30 Apr Ed fears he is out of his depth and Fallon attempts some reverse psychology.
01 May Susan makes a worrying discovery and Freddie is given a ray of hope.
02 May Lily’s past comes back to haunt her and will Helen get to the truth?
03 May A secret is exposed at Grange Farm and Jazzer receives some interesting news.


Oh dear how sad never mind. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke :laughing:


They’ve found the bunting. Yay !!



Three more days added.


And two more; the Friday May 3 one-liner is still missing but the credits for that week are there, which I will post.

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They’ve realised that they are so dull that they will never find anyone better, so they might as well get back together.


The May 3 one-liner is finally there. Could the Grange Farm mystery be the SSSI that Eddie ruined with his pigs?

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Told you !


About why Tom is acting (especially) oddly.

I do so hope there’s a shoot-out at dawn between Helen & Natasha. So much opportunity lost if they don’t


Mankwold at five paces.


I doubt that either of them would think that Tom is worth the bother of a shoot-out.