One-liners to May 31


12 May Freddie is left disappointed and Clarrie has concerns.
13 May Ed is forced to let down a friend and Tony debates what to do for the best.
14 May Will has an uninvited guest and Tracy’s tactics get her into trouble.
15 May Jim comes to the rescue and Kenton is forced to deliver some home truths.
16 May Elizabeth offers support and David is on the warpath.
17 May It all gets too much for Freddie and Tom fears the worst.

19 May Elizabeth faces a blast from the past and Freddie makes plans for the future.
20 May Alistair is left in an unfortunate position and Jazzer makes his presence known.
21 May Jill comes up with a solution and things are looking up for Shula.
22 May Ed struggles under the weight of his secret and Tracy tries to get to the truth.
23 May Leonard is forced to intervene and Clarrie tries to make Will see sense.
24 May Tom puts his heart on the line but will he be able to safeguard his future?

26 May Jim tries to get to the truth and Shula doesn’t get the reaction she was hoping for.
27 May Kirsty looks to the future and the Single Wicket proves a sore point for Chris.
28 May Natasha attempts to build bridges and there’s a mysterious guest at Brookfield.
29 May Kate’s new project has unexpected consequences and Adam has reservations.
30 May Jim puts his foot in it and Alistair offers support.
31 May The bunting trickster is revealed and Philip receives a surprising offer.


“You can’t handle the truth!”

Should have worn his box.

“I bought this Bridge-o-Matic 9000 off eBay.”


Sooo. She IS after his (the family’s) dosh then. Good-oh

… & bunting person is revealed. Brill.

I’m saying Tracey.


Or Alice.


Bunting bathtub gin? Now there’s a thought.


I’ve always suspected Alice. Just the sort of airhead thing that she might do after a few drinks.