One-liners to May 31st

12 May One resident makes a horrifying discovery, and Tracy is on a mission to bring the community together.
13 May Adam lays down his conditions and Kirsty over promises.
14 May Alice presses self destruct, and tensions mount at the vet surgery.
15 May A familiar face returns to Ambridge, and Jolene offers a shoulder to cry on.
16 May Emotions run high for one family, and Alistair has to think on his feet.
17 May There’s a sad goodbye for Chris, and Chelsea gets carried away.

19 May Tensions rise at the cricket, and Jazzer attempts to lend a hand from afar.
20 May There’s an emergency at Brookfield, and Freddie relives the past.
21 May Neil offers support to a friend, and Kirsty has a secret weapon.
22 May Harrison has the rug pulled from under him, and Ben launches a surprise.
23 May Emotions run high for Tom, and Vince finds himself cornered.
24 May Fallon reaches the end of her tether, and there’s a shock for Joy.

26 May Harrison has some making up to do, and Chelsea learns a few new tricks.
27 May There’s a crisis at Casey Meats, and Lilian treads carefully.
28 May Jakob has bad news to impart, and Lynda launches her latest scheme.
29 May Ben struggles to say no, and Jolene makes an interesting discovery.
30 May Freddie hatches a plan, and Oliver has concerns.
31 May Vince issues a warning, and a new era dawns for Tracy.


Who does he accidentally impregnate this time?


Oh goody another spawn of the Archers in a few months

I look forward to the dear mini Ben