One-liners to Nov 10

22 Oct Lilian is torn, and Rex imparts sad news.
23 Oct Shula suspicions are aroused, and Emma gets her mojo back.
24 Oct Matt makes a new enemy, while Noluthando proves to be a bad influence.
25 Oct Adam goes too far, and Roy is shocked by a familiar face.
26 Oct Shula struggles to remain calm, and Jill has concerns.
27 Oct Matt makes a risky move, and Jennifer cannot keep up.

29 Oct Matt plots his escape, and Justin is on the warpath.
30 Oct The residents of Ambridge receive shocking news, and Noluthando makes a friend.
31 Oct Alice puts her foot in it, and Robert calls a truce.
1 Nov Lilian fears the worst, and Pip makes a controversial decision.
2 Nov Harrison hits a brick wall, and gossip spreads about the night of the Hunt Ball.
3 Nov Roy faces an impossible dilemma, and Adam has something on his mind.

5 Nov Justin issues an ultimatum, and Alistair has concerns.
6 Nov Lilian tries to prevent a disaster, and Roy cannot help fearing the worst.
7 Nov Lilian’s suspicions rise, and Harrison has questions for one villager.
8 Nov Ian struggles to make a good impression, and Shula is glad of a friend.
9 Nov Lilian turns detective, and Elizabeth is put on the spot.
10 Nov Harrison imparts shocking news, and Jolene’s fears are confirmed.


sad news… shocked… risky move… shocking news… controversial… disaster -…fearing the worst … more shocking news

What is the betting that the square root of bugger-all actually happens and then blasted Lexi reappears, Bulgarianly?


[quote=“Gus, post:2, topic:705, full:true”]What is the betting that the square root of bugger-all actually happens and then blasted Lexi reappears, Bulgarianly?

Of course you’ll be equally delighted if the ‘face from the past’ which is according to the Daily Mail spoiler going to ‘stun’ Roy turns out to be Hayley, another of your favourites!


Fair point.
Actually, I’d sooner the sodding Meerkat than bloody Hayloh, just because I couldn’t stand the shrill squeals of delight the latter’s appearance would provoke.


What a dilemma, Lexi or Hayley, I do feel for you (she says, heartlessly).

I know we can’t take the spoilers too literally, but it seems that referring to Lexi as a ‘face from the past’ is a bit of an exaggeration, considering it’s only weeks since he saw her, which is what made me wonder about Hayley. You don’t suppose it could be the former chef at Grey Gables, Jean Paul (wasn’t listening then). We’d then be treated, no doubt, to a Hercule Poirot/Maurice Chevalier accent, what a delight!

Another thing I’m wondering about is a reference to Shula’s ‘old enemy’ in the Radio Times spoiler. As with Lexi being a ‘face from the past’, I also wouldn’t think of Roberta as an ‘old enemy’; she’s a relatively new enemy, I’d have thought. Can you think of anyone (other than Usha, can’t imagine she’d be spreading rumours about Shula no matter how much she dislikes her) who could be so described?


Agree that ‘face from the past’ is laying it on a bit thick if they do mean the Meerkat.

Re Shula’s ‘old enemy’, I can’t think of anyone offhand. But I think they might be cheating and it is a ‘new’, as in hitherto unheard of, feud: this Philomena bint is scheduled to appear it it might well be that there is a festering horsey enmity between her and Shula that has been going on for years but never been mentioned.


Talking about things not being mentioned, what’s happened to The Happy Sisters Restaurant ? That seems to have gone quiet or did I miss a few episodes somewhere along the line ?

Mind you Jill has been missing as well…ummm …she did get an invite …do you think she was poisoned by The Sisters ?


A typical dropped storyline. It’s so bloody unprofessional. Jill had the freebie, clearly set up for some sort of denouement and then … nothing. Nowt. F’call. Zilch. Dim. Nada. Zip.


It does seem to be unfinished business, dropped as you say, or did they get rid of the SW ? Still, glad to know that I didn’t miss anything :grinning: