One-liners to Nov 17

31 Oct Alice puts her foot in it, and Robert calls a truce.
1 Nov Lilian fears the worst, and Pip makes a controversial decision.
2 Nov Harrison hits a brick wall, and gossip spreads about the night of the Hunt Ball.
3 Nov Roy faces an impossible dilemma, and Adam has something on his mind.

5 Nov Justin issues an ultimatum, and Alistair has concerns.
6 Nov Lilian tries to prevent a disaster, and Roy cannot help fearing the worst.
7 Nov Lilian’s suspicions rise, and Harrison has questions for one villager.
8 Nov Ian struggles to make a good impression, and Shula is glad of a friend.
9 Nov Lilian turns detective, and Elizabeth is put on the spot.
10 Nov Harrison imparts shocking news, and Jolene’s fears are confirmed.

12 Nov What is distracting Lilian? Alan prays for some community spirit.
13 Nov Adam feels cornered, and Jolene gets the lowdown.
14 Nov Justin is not a happy man, and Harrison plays detective.
15 Nov Ruth tries to play match-maker, and is it goodbye to an Ambridge tradition?
16 Nov Lexi takes charge, and Alan has an epiphany.
17 Nov Can Toby and Pip reach an accord? Christine is in a holiday mood.