One-liners to Nov 23

02 Nov Disaster strikes at Lower Loxley and Ben is guilt ridden.

04 Nov David has a bone to pick and Emma is on the warpath.
05 Nov Tom issues an invitation and Jim offers some unwelcome advice.
06 Nov Ben looks to the future and there’s an awkward first meeting for Tony.
07 Nov Roy is left disappointed and Peggy has concerns.
08 Nov Frustrations grow for Shula and Neil discovers what’s happened in his absence.
09 Nov Elizabeth goes too far and Hannah has a change of heart.

11 Nov Johnny receives a lesson in life and Hannah has regrets.
12 Nov Emma hatches a cunning plan and Adam fears for the future.
13 Nov Emotions run high on Peggy’s birthday and Neil is not impressed.
14 Nov Helen gives out the wrong signals and Lynda offers a solution.
15 Nov Lexi drops a bombshell and Oliver causes a stir.
16 Nov Lily is in for a shock and Hannah attempts to save face.

18 Nov Lily takes the strain and Roy struggles to adapt.
19 Nov Neil confronts the enemy and David is unhappy with his new role.
20 Nov Brian’s birthday proves eventful and there’s disaster for Will.
21 Nov Joe spots an opportunity for revenge and tempers flare at Lynda’s rehearsal.
22 Nov Helen has a change of heart and events take their toll on Elizabeth.
23 Nov Tom has some controversial news and Lily makes a decision.


As has become usual, no Friday, Nov 23, therefore no cast list. I’ll post it as soon as I notice it’s available. If anyone spots it (on the BBC site) before I do, feel free to add.


Promises, promises.

All the creative people are lesbians now.”


What are these wrong signals Helen is giving out? Is she pretending she is not interested in Lee when in fact she is? Oh, I bet he asks her out on a date and she says no then yes. That would be rather like her. She’ll be like the Widderbeth and Ifty, jump a mile if he tries to touch her.


Nov 23 is now posted.