One-liners to November 18

31 Oct Kenton braces himself for disappointment and Lilian puts her plan into action.
01 Nov Harrison faces a dilemma and Toby is running out of options.
02 Nov Rex faces his future and Kirsty discovers a shocking plot.
03 Nov Kirsty is on a mission and Lilian puts her foot in it.
04 Nov Kirsty is left with an impossible choice and Tom and Natasha have expansion on their mind.

07 Nov A fit of the blues drags down Kirsty, while Tony smells a rat.
08 Nov Johnny’s hackles are raised at work, and Lynda feels betrayed.
09 Nov Oliver’s kindness knows no bounds, and Lillian takes a bow.
10 Nov It’s full steam ahead for the Grundys, and Oliver finds himself on a pedestal.
11 Nov The walls close in on Kirsty, and Natasha makes her presence felt.

14 Nov Roy’s walking on egg shells while Jennifer’s feelings are bruised.
15 Nov Elizabeth comes bearing gifts and Adam attempts to settle in.
16 Nov Lynda has a tall order for Kirsty while Fallon is left reeling.
17 Nov Mia puts her foot down while Natasha’s feeling claustrophobic.
18 Nov Tony lends his shoulder, and Eddie has a brainwave.


Fairly good description of how easily Jennifer’s feelings are bruised, really.

"I’ve got you this lovely wooden horse!

Sooner or later she was bound to notice what she’d married.


‘At last I’ve found my niche - as an anchorite’