One-liners to November 26

09 Nov Ruairi makes a shocking discovery and Lynda is on a mission.
10 Nov The stars align for Helen and Brian is on the warpath.
11 Nov Ben is surprised by an unexpected revelation and Jennifer admits her concerns.
12 Nov Jennifer faces a ghost from the past while Johnny puts his foot in it.

16 Nov There’s panic for Alice …
17 Nov Alice has a confession to make and Rex fears for the future.
18 Nov Chris takes desperate measures and Alice faces a horrific ordeal.
19 Nov The Carters attempt to pick up the pieces and Freddie makes a mistake.

23 Nov Philip turns the screw and Tracy has a brainwave.
24 Nov Eddie puts his plan into action and David has a crisis of confidence.
25 Nov It’s an emotional day for Chris and Rex has his spirts lifted.
26 Nov Will has serious reservations and Elizabeth has a confession to make.