One-liners to Oct 27

9 Oct Emma has help from an unexpected source, and there is bad news for Alistair.
10 Oct Lilian finds herself tempted, while David and Ruth worry about Pip.
11 Oct Pip makes an embarrassing mistake, and Lily is left speechless.
12 Oct Helen puts her foot down, and Adam makes a friend.
13 Oct Matt stirs the pot, and Philip proves a knight in shining armour.

15 Oct Lilian feels guilty, and Pip admits her faux pas.
16 Oct Shula’s day goes from bad to worse, and Ruth makes plans for the future.
17 Oct Tony is put in an awkward position, and Emma is suspicious.
18 Oct Robert has victory in mind, and Kate tries to do the right thing.
19 Oct Toby battles with his feelings, and Matt continues to make trouble.
20 Oct Lilian receives a shocking proposition, and there is serious trouble at the vets.

22 Oct Lilian is torn, and Rex imparts sad news.
23 Oct Shula suspicions are aroused, and Emma gets her mojo back.
24 Oct Matt makes a new enemy, while Noluthando proves to be a bad influence.
25 Oct Adam goes too far, and Roy is shocked by a familiar face.
26 Oct Shula struggles to remain calm, and Jill has concerns.
27 Oct Matt makes a risky move, and Jennifer cannot keep up.


10th/13th/15th/20th/22nd Oct.
Matt and Yo-Yo knickers, do a return to Briefs Encountered.

25th Oct. “Roy is shocked by a familiar face.”

So then. Let’s see if I’ve got this right… Roy is being consoled in his singularity, by Elizabeth. when in walks Leipzig Lexi (Yes. I know Leipzig isn’t in Romania, but then her accent isn’t from Romania, either.)

26th Oct. "Jill has concerns"
One of her damned cakes hasn’t risen.

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