One-liners to October 1

14 Sep Susan makes a discovery and Emma’s on the warpath.
15 Sep Gavin is forced to decide and Chris is in a panic.
16 Sep Chris wants answers and Emma’s furious.
17 Sep Alice reveals her secret and Fallon makes amends.

21 Sep Susan starts a rumour and Robert reluctantly concedes.
22 Sep Lynda takes charge and Alice is confused.
23 Sep Gavin’s in hot water and Lynda and Robert go head to head.
24 Sep Alice finally opens up and Gavin offers advice.

28 Sep Alice reaches out for support and Elizabeth finds herself having to say no.
29 Sep Philip finds himself in hot water and Lilian makes amends.
30 Sep Lynda has a shocking suggestion and Lilian inadvertently makes things worse.
01 Oct Fallon has a dilemma on her hands and Jazzer attempts to turn a situation to his advantage.