One-liners to October 13th

22 Sep Stella attempts to keep the peace, and there’s surprising news for Emma.

24 Sep Pip has the rug pulled from under her, and Neil gets his thinking cap on.
25 Sep Eddie’s fears escalate, and Stella struggles to find the right words.
26 Sep Chelsea is on a mission, and George shows a different side.
27 Sep It’s an emotional day for Will, and the end of an era for Emma.
28 Sep Jazzer is shocked by a controversial suggestion, and Chelsea gathers the troops.
29 Sep Will Jim save the day? Susan attempts something different.

01 Oct Rob has a shocking request, and Eddie might be onto something.
02 Oct Alan wrestles with what to do for the best, and Tracy finds herself out of her comfort zone.
03 Oct Usha attempts to resolve a difficult situation, and Oliver thinks he’s found a solution.
04 Oct It’s a big day for Brad, and Alan finds himself under pressure.
05 Oct Emma attempts to solve a mystery, and Brad has a confession to make.
06 Oct Usha puts herself in a dangerous position, and there’s a visitor for Adil.

08 Oct Tension mounts at the vicarage, and Lynda has a brainwave.
09 Oct Will gets more than he bargained for, and Adil sees the light.
10 Oct Pat is on the warpath, and it’s a big day for Susan.
11 Oct Chaos reigns at Grey Gables, and George finds himself with double trouble.
12 Oct Adil makes a surprising decision, and pride is swallowed at Bridge Farm.
13 Oct Alan makes a shocking discovery, and George finds himself overrun.


Crabs? Now that does surprise me.