One-liners to October 15

28 Sep Alice reaches out for support and Elizabeth finds herself having to say no.
29 Sep Philip finds himself in hot water and Lilian makes amends.
30 Sep Lynda has a shocking suggestion and Lilian inadvertently makes things worse.
01 Oct Fallon has a dilemma on her hands and Jazzer attempts to turn a situation to his advantage.

05 Oct Jill makes a discovery that could change everything and Fallon wrestles with more than one problem.
06 Oct The pressure builds on Alice and the future’s looking bright for Ben.
07 Oct Ruth is reluctant to jump the gun and Jazzer is over the moon.
08 Oct Jennifer is on the warpath and will Jazzer do the right thing?

12 Oct Philip hatches a plan and David attempts to bluff his way out of trouble.
13 Oct Ruth tries to keep things low key and Kate offers her support.
14 Oct Alistair offers the benefit of his experience and Alice’s attempt to keep the peace backfires.
15 Oct The stress threatens to overwhelm Philip and Ben has romance on his mind.


‘Never shag a Shula’?


Don’t be horrid dear limpet

Ali vet is that rarity in TA - a decent hard working soul who needs beatifying

for putting up with Jazzer and the prof…




I am certain that our limpet has a soft gentle caring middle


I don’t think I have been, about Alistair at any rate. Yet.

Tedious git.

[unleashes Lawyers]


ALL limpets have soft middles!

The truth ain’t libelous!