One-liners to October 21

03 Oct Lilian has her eyes on the prize while Josh wants to have his cake and eat it.
04 Oct Brian meets his match and Chelsea throws a spanner in the works.
05 Oct Ben is desperate to impress and Amy bares her soul.
06 Oct Vince is in the doghouse and Jazzer seeks an escape.
07 Oct Tensions mount at the BL board meeting while Jazzer plays it cool.

10 Oct Jazzer lends a helping hand and Alan has a plan.
11 Oct Brian faces a hurdle at work and Alistair attempts to make a difference.
12 Oct Jazzer struggles to make sense of the world and Johnny puts his foot in it.
13 Oct Russ finds himself in an uncomfortable position and Lilian has a brainwave.
14 Oct An opportunity presents itself at Berrow Farm and Chelsea makes an impression.

17 Oct Kenton and David have their eye on the prize but Justin isn’t in the mood for horseplay.
18 Oct Ruth welcomes an outsider and Ian is lost for words.
19 Oct There are first day nerves at Berrow and Shula has reservations.
20 Oct Lilian has a cunning plan and Jazzer faces an uphill struggle.
21 Oct Adam is forced to come clean and Jill puts the lid on an argument.


Somebody give the synopsisbot a good technical thump, eh?


“If I drink enough gin, all these horrible people will go away.”


‘Hairdresser to the stars pigs’?

Nooooooo!. I’ll bet it’s really spotty and wobbly

Well, thank goodness for that.

Anyone else think October sounds unspeakably dull, even by local standards?