One-liners to October 25

06 Oct Ian’s concerns come to the forefront and Elizabeth has a brainwave.
07 Oct Emma is on a mission and Toby has a delicate question to ask.
08 Oct Ed manages to strike a deal and there’s a final goodbye for Roy.
09 Oct Kirsty finds herself out in the cold and Lilian is still suffering the consequences.
10 Oct Eddie bids a sad farewell and Ruairi reveals his true feelings.
11 Oct The Grundys are united in grief, and Ambridge marks the passing of a legend.

13 Oct Emotions run high at Grange Farm and Elizabeth offers a shoulder to cry on.
14 Oct There’s an awkward encounter for Emma and a sensitive issue is raised for Brian.
15 Oct Tension rises at Berrow and Ruairi opens up about his feelings.
16 Oct The past returns to haunt Jennifer and Jim faces a dilemma.
17 Oct Will takes the first steps to moving on and panic rises for Peggy.
18 Oct There’s a surprise for the Grundys and it’s a big day for Elizabeth.

20 Oct Tempers flare at Grange Farm and Jim is on a mission.
21 Oct The residents share memories of Joe, and Rex maintains his independence.
22 Oct Tony finds himself roped in to a scheme and Vince continues to make enemies.
23 Oct Elizabeth has concerns about the latest Ambridge rumour and Joy adopts an unorthodox method.
24 Oct There’s a shock for Oliver, and Kate’s latest drama causes debate.
25 Oct Eddie makes a surprising discovery and feelings are hurt at Grey Gables.


“Well… when I remember Joe, the first thing I think of is the smell…”

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Hasn’t the poor bgr suffered enough?