One-liners to October 27th

06 Oct Usha puts herself in a dangerous position, and there’s a visitor for Adil.

08 Oct Tension mounts at the vicarage, and Lynda has a brainwave.
09 Oct Will gets more than he bargained for, and Adil sees the light.
10 Oct Pat is on the warpath, and it’s a big day for Susan.
11 Oct Chaos reigns at Grey Gables, and George finds himself with double trouble.
12 Oct Adil makes a surprising decision, and pride is swallowed at Bridge Farm.
13 Oct Alan makes a shocking discovery, and George finds himself overrun.

15 Oct Clarrie finds herself in the spotlight, and Lee stands accused.
16 Oct Oliver faces a crisis, and Pip takes a big step.
17 Oct There’s chaos at Grey Gables, and Ian offers some advice.
18 Oct One resident makes a shocking discovery, and Oliver comes to a controversial decision.
19 Oct Alan faces a difficult conversation, and George has something up his sleeve.
20 Oct The Grundys have the rug pulled from under them, and Helen doesn’t know where to turn.

22 Oct Helen finds herself in an awkward situation, and there’s an emergency at the Stables.
23 Oct Adam attempts to offer reassurance, and Mia has a brainwave.
24 Oct Ian struggles to let go of the past, and there’s concern for the Grundys.
25 Oct Reality sets in for Helen, and Mia fears the worst.
26 Oct Lynda offers some tough love, and Lilian spots an opportunity.
27 Oct It’s the end of an era for one resident, and Oliver takes tentative steps.


“Been reading about Catherine the Great? You do know that was just made up by her enemies, right?”