One-liners to October 28

10 Oct Jazzer lends a helping hand and Alan has a plan.
11 Oct Brian faces a hurdle at work and Alistair attempts to make a difference.
12 Oct Jazzer struggles to make sense of the world and Johnny puts his foot in it.
13 Oct Russ finds himself in an uncomfortable position and Lilian has a brainwave.
14 Oct An opportunity presents itself at Berrow Farm and Chelsea makes an impression.

17 Oct Kenton and David have their eye on the prize but Justin isn’t in the mood for horseplay.
18 Oct Ruth welcomes an outsider and Ian is lost for words.
19 Oct There are first day nerves at Berrow and Shula has reservations.
20 Oct Lilian has a cunning plan and Jazzer faces an uphill struggle.
21 Oct Adam is forced to come clean and Jill puts the lid on an argument.

24 Oct Rex is left disappointed and who will take the spotlight at the Harvest Supper?
25 Oct There’s a shock for Ruth and Freddie jumps to conclusions.
26 Oct Ben struggles with recent events and Rex has regrets.
27 Oct An unexpected visitor causes disruption and Lily tries to look on the bright side.
28 Oct Jolene attempts to do the right thing and one resident comes to an emotional realisation.


Well, that’s a start. “To be found by the ravens” would be better.

Ah, just like his Dad.

“You know, we’re all horrible people.”