One-liners to October 28th

09 Oct Eddie needs to find his romantic side, and Jim is feeling ruthless.
10 Oct Lily has a cunning plan, and Clarrie faces a sticky challenge.
11 Oct Natasha can’t deny the evidence, and Tracy needs to be somewhere.
12 Oct Are things about to bubble over for Helen and Lee? Jim is a shoulder to cry on.
13 Oct George is being strangely considerate, and things look precarious for Alan.
14 Oct Has Kenton got the right idea? Lily needs a distraction.

16 Oct Life gets more complicated for Alan, while Brad takes surprising action.
17 Oct George needs a favour, and disaster strikes at Beechwood.
18 Oct Mia is embarrassed by a relative’s antics, and there’s a surprise for Joy.
19 Oct There’s a shock for Alistair, and Chelsea finds a new ally.
20 Oct Alan puts his foot down, and suspicions are raised at the vets.
21 Oct Chelsea comes to a decision, and Alistair makes his feelings clear.

23 Oct It’s an important day for Alice, and Chelsea is paying a visit.
24 Oct It’s nearly a year since Ambridge lost Bert Fry. Leonard adds some colour at Brookfield.
25 Oct Kate should take a moment before reacting, and Tracy has an awkward conversation.
26 Oct Jazzer has the winning touch, and has Lilian discovered her scary side?
27 Oct Mia has a cunning idea, and Lilian makes a discovery.
28 Oct Beth tries to make her feelings known, and sometimes you just need a hug from a parent.


Turns out he was behind the sofa. You’d think they’d have noticed from the smell.

Ra-a-a-rk. Huey!

But nobody’s listening.

and sometimes you need a good slap.


…in which to ply her trad?

They’re a bit short on Es since the rave