One-liners to October 29

12 Oct Philip hatches a plan and David attempts to bluff his way out of trouble.
13 Oct Ruth tries to keep things low key and Kate offers her support.
14 Oct Alistair offers the benefit of his experience and Alice’s attempt to keep the peace backfires.
15 Oct The stress threatens to overwhelm Philip and Ben has romance on his mind.

19 Oct Elizabeth makes an impression and Philip’s plan gathers momentum.
20 Oct Fallon raises a difficult subject and there’s good news for Pip.
21 Oct Harrison faces a life changing decision and Lily goes too far.
22 Oct Elizabeth takes revenge and Brookfield’s change of direction looks set to have severe consequences.

26 Oct Pip finds herself in an awkward spot and Ben unleashes his master plan.
27 Oct Alice offers a helping hand and Lily has concerns.
28 Oct Ben puts his foot in it and Jennifer offers some pearls of wisdom.
29 Oct Tempers fray at Rickyard and Ruth faces the consequences of Ben’s actions.