One-liners to Sep 29

12 Sep Adam and Ian have a memorable encounter, and Tony has important Flower and Produce news.
13 Sep Jennifer hears more than she bargained for, and Harrison shares some intelligence.
14 Sep Kate offers her maternal wisdom, and Toby takes the initiative.
15 Sep Ian has a new resolve, and what’s cooking with Lexi?

17 Sep Ian wants to forge ahead, and who will win best in show?
18 Sep Kate focuses on joy, and Harrison feels the pressure.
19 Sep Josh makes a loss, and should Roy speak up?
20 Sep Susan’s hopes are shattered, and Ed feels overlooked.
21 Sep Lexi has to make plans, and Adam insists on being realistic.
22 Sep David will not bend the rules, and it is a busy night at The Bull.

24 Sep Pip urgently needs help, and Jolene is called upon.
25 Sep Justin has an unexpected call, and Eddie sows a seed.
26 Sep Ian is keen to move forward, but Adam is not convinced.
27 Sep Helen has a lot to think about, and Ed refocuses his efforts.
28 Sep Emma puts her foot down, and Josh is brought back down to earth.
29 Sep Kate has a birthday surprise, and Lilian will not be rushed.


So. In spite of her best attempts at hiding away, one of her African children has tracked her down and come to hurl abuse at her. I can hardly wait.


[quote=“Used2B, post:2, topic:619”]… one of her African children … [/quote]Gosh. That has reawakened a memory.

As a Roman Catholic Junior schoolchild of the 1960’s I, & my schoolmates, were encouraged each Lent to give something up (sweets normally, though cigarettes in Martin Farrell’s case) and what money we saved be put in a little card box we were presented with flat … to be made up. This scheme was called St. Joseph’s Penny and funds went to the Missionary Fathers doing good works in Africa.

When we had saved 2s 6d we had enough to fund the Missionaries to Christen a pagan native. We were allowed to chose the Christian name by which they would be baptised and we were presented with a photograph of a young African child, the clear implication being thst this was the child you had saved for Christ and from an eternal afterlife in Limbo. When, one year, I got a ‘twicer’ photo I admit I began to suspect we weren’t being given the whole story.

We were instructed that the name had to be that of a Catholic Saint or a name from the Bible. I tended toward Aloysius or Cuthbert. My friend opted for, first Satan and later Judas, & he got into severe bother.

I spent many years worrying that one day a large black man, maybe several, would arrive at my door and call me daddy and want to move in … or berate me for the name he had always loathed.

I told my children this tale & it’s fair to say they were discomforted.


I’m not RC, but I too remember those cardboard boxes, from the late 1950’s.

My Junior school at that time was next to an RC school and we shared common playing fields (remember those… This was before the government flogged 'em all off). We could have one of those little boxes if we wanted.

ISTR When I was a kid, I regretted not having the name Lucifer. Too late now I s’pose?

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Never too late, dere. Though Lucifer seems a bit formal for board use. You won’t mind being Lucy, will you? xx

Ah sure now I would!
The full Lucifer it would have to be, anything else just wouldn’t match.
(See what I did there?)

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