One-liners to Sept 30

11 Sep Will one Ambridge resident finally do the right thing? Justin seems underwhelmed. (Lynda and Lilian are in reflective mood.)
12 Sep Tracy realises she has made a terrible mistake and Lynda is delighted to catch up with an old acquaintance.
13 Sep There’s a surprise for Josh while Lily is left contemplating her future.
14 Sep The fallout continues at Lower Loxley and Leonard offers a suggestion.
15 Sep David discovers some interesting information and Lynda hatches a plan.
16 Sep There’s a shock at the opening of the new Gallery exhibition and Tracy offers reassurance.

18 Sep What has Kenton got up his sleeve? Beth sets some ground rules.
19 Sep You can always rely on Jim, and Shula stands up for a friend.
20 Sep Jazzer needs to let off steam, and Shula reflects on the past.
21 Sep It’s the day of Martha’s naming ceremony, and has Lilian seen the light?
22 Sep Tracy tries to solve a riddle, and Alistair needs to tread carefully.
23 Sep It’s a big day for one Ambridge resident, and is Freddie feeling generous?

25 Sep Emotions run high for one Ambridge resident, and Jolene’s interest is piqued.
26 Sep Vince makes a surprising offer, and there’s a new venture in the pipeline at Grange Farm.
27 Sep Someone has a confession to make, and Alan finds himself torn.
28 Sep The past returns to haunt Clarrie, and is there a cuckoo in the Nest at Brookfield?
29 Sep Chelsea faces the music, and Eddie pushes his luck.
30 Sep Will Jill smell a rat, and Alan seeks divine inspiration.