One-liners to September 19

31 Aug Alice gets the wrong end of the stick and Susan is taught a lesson.
01 Sep Philip reveals his plans for the future and Gavin is keen to made amends for the past.
02 Sep Ed finds himself in hot water and there’s a nasty shock for Philip.
03 Sep Emma goes on the attack and Tracy proves a point.

07 Sep Tracy finds herself in an awkward predicament and Jolene hatches a plan.
08 Sep Lilian issues some home truths and Susan has a mystery to solve.
09 Sep Lynda attempts to salvage her situation and Kenton is forced to intervene.
10 Sep Susan’s plan looks set to have dramatic consequences and Jolene goes into battle.

14 Sep Susan makes a discovery and Emma’s on the warpath.
15 Sep Gavin is forced to decide and Chris is in a panic.
16 Sep Chris wants answers and Emma’s furious.
17 Sep Alice has a secret and Fallon makes amends.


“Don’t tell anyone I’m actually sober, just desperately incompetent.”