One-liners to September 2

15 Aug The Ambridge summer fete descends into chaos and Tracy fails to spot a celebrity in their midst.
16 Aug Jennifer discovers the truth while Ian attempts to navigate a thorny issue.
17 Aug Elizabeth is left disappointed and Tracy braces herself for a challenge.
18 Aug Lily attempts to keep the mood romantic and Jennifer is at a low ebb.
19 Aug Home Farm looks to the future and Vince offers an explanation.

22 Aug It’s a big day for Vince and Elizabeth makes a friend.
23 Aug The Aldridge family attempt a compromise and Ben has a confession to make.
24 Aug Chris tries to save the day and Shula is left disappointed.
25 Aug Ben attempts to do the right thing and a new face makes an impression at Home Farm.
26 Aug Susan fears the worst and Jazzer has reservations.

29 Aug Justin announces his grand plan and Alistair struggles with a work related issue.
30 Aug Lilian is confronted by a ghost from the past and Jakob finds roles reversed at the vets.
31 Aug Tracy lends a helping hand and Lilian admits the truth.
01 Sep There’s a near miss for Justin and Alistair’s situation becomes ever more complicated.
02 Sep Lilian and Justin become more ambitious and there’s a happy ending at Greenacres.