One-liners to September 30

01 Sep Peggy’s got some exciting news for one of the Ambridge Conservation Trust teams.
02 Sep Lexi’s thrilled to be back and Adam and Ian struggle to contain themselves.
03 Sep Emma makes her mind up and Brookfield faces a challenge.
04 Sep Peggy’s revelation causes concern and Ruth feels neglected.
05 Sep Lexi struggles to settle in and Jim’s feeling anxious.
06 Sep Tracy takes drastic action and Emma breaks down.

08 Sep There is tension at the Parish Council meeting and Freddie’s confidence is knocked.
09 Sep Jennifer finds herself out in the cold and Kirsty’s new neighbour causes a stir.
10 Sep Jim springs more than one surprise and Tracy comes to the rescue.
11 Sep Leonard hatches a plan, and Pip is not impressed.
12 Sep David makes an enemy, and Elizabeth finds herself backed into a corner.
13 Sep Will puts his foot down, and Kate’s frustrations grow.

15 Sep Ian puts his foot down and Lynda has a bone to pick.
16 Sep Eddie makes a shocking confession and there’s a worrying discovery for Brian.
17 Sep Kate exacts her revenge, and Freddie has a hard day.
18 Sep Brian has bad news to impart, and Ed holds out an olive branch.
19 Sep Freddie offers a solution, and Pip turns on the charm.
20 Sep Justin unveils his latest scheme, and Lily admits the truth.


Someone is definitely ‘avin’ a giraffe


Got my sick bucket at the ready for that episode!


More of a business opportunity, really.