One-liners to September 8th

20 Aug Helen reaches the end of her tether, and Pip has an apology to make.
21 Aug There’s a visitor for Rex, and Susan offers some tough love.
22 Aug Emma struggles to keep control, and Tom puts his foot down.
23 Aug George faces the consequences of his actions, and Ruth finds herself reconnecting.
24 Aug Pip jumps in with both feet, and Natasha has a brainwave.
25 Aug Is Toby destined for disappointment, and Helen struggles to let go.

27 Aug David faces a tricky situation, and Susan isn’t taking no for an answer.
28 Aug Jazzer makes a promise he might not be able to keep, and Emma sets out to impress.
29 Aug Brad knocks heads together, and Oliver tries to do the right thing.
30 Aug Will Jazzer and Tracy make it down the aisle? And Lynda makes a surprising confession.
31 Aug Stella is put on the spot, and there’s a dilemma for Rex.
01 Sep Pip puts her foot in it, and the pressure increases on Adil.

03 Sep Brad takes a big step and suspicions are raised for Natasha.
04 Sep Paranoia sets in for Ruth and Ben has a difficult announcement to make.
05 Sep It’s panic stations for Ben and Helen attempts to build bridges.
06 Sep Chelsea is on a mission and George is feeling sorry for himself.
07 Sep Pat faces an uphill struggle and there’s sad news at Brookfield.
08 Sep Pip has something to get off her chest and Mia is on cloud nine.