One-liners up to Aug 18

30 Jul Fallon is driven to distraction, and Matt makes a promise.
31 Jul Anisha is drawn in, and Alistair frets about the past.
1 Aug There is a knot to unravel at the Dower House, and Harrison presents his offer.
2 Aug Roy wants to smooth things over, and Alice deploys her powers of persuasion.
3 Aug Emma feels outnumbered, and Matt dangles the bait.
4 Aug Oliver decides it is time to move on, and Alistair shows his hand.

6 Aug Jill makes an announcement, and Brian is in full voice.
7 Aug Alistair’s mind is elsewhere, and Kirsty fears the worst.
8 Aug Oliver receives an invitation, and Shula starts to wonder.
9 Aug Justin finds an ally, and Phoebe’s head is turned.
10 Aug Lily helps in an emergency, and Kenton is called upon.
11 Aug Lexi takes control, and could there be mutiny in the Bridge Farm dairy?

13 Aug Alistair is being secretive, and Will gets a flea in his ear.
14 Aug Anisha won’t back down, and Adam is out of his comfort zone.
15 Aug Phoebe has an anxious wait, and Clarrie gets to grips with a new recipe.
16 Aug Jennifer is called out, and Rex blows away the blues.
17 Aug Susan has been doing some maths, and Freddie spectacularly fails.
18 Aug Emma’s resolve is broken, and Alistair tries to explain.

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