One-liners up to June 9

21 May Lilian is keen to help, and Johnny is in need of a companion.
22 May Josh makes an executive decision, and Rex has cause for concern.
23 May Neil waxes lyrical, and Tom has high hopes.
24 May Kenton needs reining in, and Toby has a turn of fortune.
25 May Pip needs some distance, and Johnny strikes gold.
26 May Justin sets out his stall, and Brian is made to bear the load.

28 May There are some new faces at Home Farm, and Lilian just won’t give up.
29 May Roy lacks the luck of the draw, and Brian cannot believe his ears.
30 May Tony will not be easily won over, and Kirsty regrets being impressed.
31 May Lily gets her way, and Toby gets the wrong idea.
1 Jun Pip has a surprise visitor, and Pat has lots of questions.
2 Jun Jill feels under attack, and Neil must remain impartial.

4 Jun Pip has her nose to the grindstone, and Lilian sounds a warning.
5 Jun Justin hears it straight from the horses mouth, and Freddie is fed up with his lot.
6 Jun Lynda strikes a deal, and Kirsty makes amends.
7 Jun For Tom, there is no time like the present, while things go from bad to worse for Rex.
8 Jun Johnny’s plans fall apart, and are Pat and Tom overheard?
9 Jun Susan makes enquiries, and Lily tries to keep her mum calm.