One minute in…


…and nearly choked on my tea.

“It takes more than a mad idea to make a successful business”
“Look how much work we’ve put into our new herd and dairy”

The SW is taking the piss, yes?


Hard to say; it’s a new scriptwriter this week.


Ah - that might explain it. Has s/he been given the SW equivalent of a being sent off for a glass hammer / striped paint / replacement bubble for the spirit level?


I was assuming it was another step on TA’s path to becoming ironically self-aware/tearing down a quarter of the wattle and daub. There have been other bits recently, though I can only recall ‘Radio Carter’ at the moment.


You could be right, Gus. Just the other day when Tony offered to pick Henwee up, Helen said half-heartedly something to the effect that she supposed she ought to do it, then quickly accepted Tony’s offer before he changed his mind. I thought that might be a gesture to acknowledge the listeners’s many, many comments about Helen never taking care of her own children.

And Tom’s idiocy is becoming more and more apparent.

But I’m baffled that they haven’t had Helen and Natasha clash swords. Or Helen and Hannah for that matter. If they want a vehicle for showing how Helen appears to those not in thrall to her, those two would be ideal.


Possibly, but did that not reach apotheosis with Brief(casing Awful) Encounter?


Not the same sort of thing at all. imo, anyway.

(Let it be noted that I deplored BAE at least as much as the next listener)


I think I misunderstood you Gus and took removing the fourth wall as being the same as admitting to the audience that the characters really are as horrible as they appear to us and not the way they are spoken of in Ambridge, which I do see is not the same thing.

But wouldn’t it be lovely if someone said what a pain in the arse Lizzie and Helen are not to mention Pip instead of being vaunted as brave and beautiful and in Pip’s case farmer and mother of the year?


I don’t think you did.
I was thinking of audience opinion feeding into the programme. Not strictly fourth wall, I suppose, and with a danger that moments of archness and self-parody will make tbtb feel justified in providing tsot - the same old tosh - 90% of the time while smugly backslapping about how ever so clever they are.
Tweeting about it, likely enough.


Yep, that was another instance. Ta!


Specific nicknames like Radio Carter may have originated in Peet’s or on the BBC board but are probably now used on Twitter and Faceache and Mumsnet; it is a great deal more likely that the scriptwriters pick them up from one of those rather than from Peet’s, which is by comparison small and obscure. As for here, my feeling would be that there is really no chance anyone from the BBC looks at it.


Wouldn’t argue with that


Well, they can’t pick them up from the BBC board unless they go and look at the Archive in the British Library, can they.


Any excuse for having one of their office days in London rather than Manchester?