Oooo Yessss!


Josh in clink!


…little chance of him finding a file in home-baked pie from his Mum, then! :wink:


Ha, yes, I really enjoyed that. Especially David’s huffing and puffing. I wonder what colour trackie bottoms Josh is wearing. Remember Tony’s outrage upon being told Helen was wearing grey ones?


Tee Hee

Josh will be needing more than Usha to get out of this

What with Freddie and now Josh Jill’s grandsons are not nice young men


I think we are going to find that we have been led up the garden path by the editorial team and Josh is not guilty of anything in particular.


Den of thieves, isn’t it? Or law-breakers, at any rate. How many brushes with the law have there been, or crimes that went undetected for that matter? David and the badger, Kenton’s had many brushes with the law, Elizabeth drove a car without a license after her heart op, Jill assaulted someone with a deadly flapjack, Shula lied to the police, so that’s 100 per cent of Jill and Phil’s brood. Pip ought to have been done for creating a public nuisance (in general, all the time, but specifically for letting the cattoo out onto the road). Ben drove a farm vehicle on the road without a license, didn’t he? Then we have Freddie of course. I don’t think Lily has done anything other than be Lily. Same goes for Daniel. And I haven’t even started on the Jack and Peggy branch!


No! I don’t want to hear that!


Being an Archer without due care and attention?


What’s the betting Elizabeth is going to go all Supportive at them, what with her experience of Plod and new-found sanity an’ all?

Not sure if I can stand it, tbh. And I’m very disappointed that there is no realistic prospect that I can see of David having to undergo a cavity search.


Oops, there it goes down the sink. Should have worn rubber gloves.


…which brings us back to the aforementioned cavity search quite neatly, really.


Yes, David may be a gigantic arse but I don’t think they’ll find a trailer there. Or more realistically an ATM for that matter as that is still missing.


Erm did Helen not mow down cyclops when drink driving?


Quite right, Twellsy. If we move along to the children of Jack and Peggy, what do we have? I’m not sure Tony has ever broken the law, though I suppose he and Pat conspired to pervert the cause of justice when they colluded in the cover-up of Helen’s drunkenly knocking down Mike. Lilian has certainly associated with dodgy characters but has she committed any crime herself, or has Jennifer? If we count in-laws, Brian of course has a conviction. Then moving on to the next generation, Adam assaulted Matt and got away with it. Debbie I think has a clean record. Did Kate ever get done for anything? She has certainly consumed illegal substances and consorted with a dealer. Alice so far has not been caught driving drunk though perhaps she has. James is very dodgy but I’m not sure he’s committed a crime, yet. Then Tom did the crop trashing and covered up Helen’s crime, Helen in addition to that stabbed Rob.

Quite a long list - did I forget anything or get anything wrong?


True though. As certain as the By-Pass chosing the other route or the family not relocating.

The tension is so … so untense.


Tautology, shurely?


Though you could use one of her signature pizzas to cut through the bars.




I am starting a campaign


It would wipe the smug Archer sense of entitlement off his face

And give Jill a jolt to think of 2 of her descendants being jailbirds while the Fairbrothers are law abiding

I love thinking of outraged Archer sensibilities being put on display


Steady on, old thing. In Toby’s case it’s more ‘never actually been caught’ than ‘law abiding’, I reckon.
Rex is just terminally wet and a weed.