Our lovely new home

Anyone else sigh a distinct Oh dear everytime Emma refers to their “lovely new home”? Originally I thought Hannah would steal it, but she appears to have drowned in a ditch. Now it looks to be scuppered by either a dodgy deal or a dodgy debt…


I’m not sure that’s an “either…or” situation.


I think they will probably get it against all the odds, just because.

It seems as if the “morals” in TA these days are “the rich will be destroyed and the poor, however undeserving, will be elevated” and “dishonesty is the best policy”: for instance the Grundys have been living in a house they most emphatically did not and do not deserve for some years now while its owner squats unhappily in a single room at a hotel, and Pip is glorified for being a nasty little liar and having casual sex.