Place your bets


Nocasha’s pawned the ring?

(On which point, am I the only one who pictured Tom with a plaster over his nose?)


Ring is in the cake of course!


No, you are not alone.

Please, readers, give me credit for all the things I have not (yet) said. It’s been a superhuman effort.


Well done! Don’t know how I even missed the fact a cake was being made, some selective storyline attention…


It’s TA. Probably for the same reason you don’t generally notice people breathing.


Oh, but I do. And fervently wish they would just stop doing so, in most cases.


Fair point!


If I polish my crystal ball I predict the dedding of the egregious Gavin along with a serious injury to Lynda


I can only hope your ball is faulty, dere. Don’t care much either way about Gavin, but an end to Lynda. Please.


Injured so badly her voice is lost?

Would that do?


No it would not.


One thing about falling off a roof, you’re spotted as DEAD pretty quickly. Especially when your last to words are





It was still the next episode before they confirmed it, wunnit?


In Nigel’s case, it was on the news before he even hit the ground.


Well, it was a surprisingly long descent