Pointless Fact of the Day


You’ll remember Green Shield Stamps.

You MAY remember that you could take your books of stamps &, if necessary, money to top up the value to Green Shield stores and purchase an item from a little catalogue.

Did you know that those stores were the beginning of Argos Stores ?

Well, you do now !!


I didn’t know that, Armers, but I do remember, as a very small Gus indeed, being given a washed-out pot of Shippams paste, a brush and the GSS books, plus GSSs and being exhorted to stick them in neatly. Kept me quiet for hours, that did, (which obviously was the object of the exercise)


I sort-of did, but it’s good to have these things confirmed.

Now part of Sainsbury’s.


Yerss, Fishy

Ours is moving from the town centre, which is very convenient, to our Sainsbury’s, which isn’t


I think that we need summat to keep our strength up



Yes. The collection of the Wheel is this morning.


Good luck. Careful of yourselves moving it.