Poultry report


By special request, a quick update (more to follow when the pics have finished uploading). Young Vicky seems to be going through a goth phase…


Gorgeous, joe! I’ll alert LadySusan!


Aww. Gorgeous. Ta, joe


Lookin’ good.


One of those “father and daughter” moments:


she has that " what’s the auld eejit after now?" look about her.


The new arrivals are gradually overcoming their nerves:

Honest, there is a hen in there somewhere


I believe you!


Moi aussi!


Bella started laying again, so began to show signs of pushing Vicky away. Weren’t sure what to do about it, so tried letting them in with the rest of that crew. Kiki, somewhat surprisingly, immediately seems to have adopted her. Then he and Bella have always had a bit of a thing going. Anyway, the new family:

Proud father and (hopefully) daughter:

Elsewhere, the killer sunbeam strikes again:


Love the shading on that wing (?) in the last pic.


Oh yes! Young Jilly has always been rather particular about her plumage. I think that Italian fashion sense is hard-wired genetically…


Fab, joe. Absolutely gorgeous, the lot ovvem.
Soo xx


The new arrivals survey their domain:


They look very happy, joe!


Truth to tell, it’s a challenge to work out how Violet is looking. Or indeed where.


So I gather, joe.
I’m a bit sad for Violet, but I know that she is in good hands.
Soo xx


The mysteries of genetics…

Still trying to work out how Bella and Kiki (on the left) contrived to produce Vicky (on the right)


Magnificent! Gorgeous! …beautiful plumage! (…duh!) :laughing:


Looks a bit suspicious to me, joe. Have you had a word with Bella? If it works the way blue and brown eyes do - two blue-eyed people cannot have a brown-eyed child, whereas two brown-eyed people can produce a blue-eyed child since they might both be carrying a recessive gene for blue eyes whereas the blue-eyed people cannot carry a brown-eyed gene since if they did they would have brown eyes, it being the dominant gene.

Similarly, two normally pigmented people can have a child with albinism.

Of course Bella will point in her defence to Kiki’s scattering of dark feathers.

P.S. Gorgeous photo as always!