Poultry report


Long overdue, but after yesterday’s complete downer, a bit of light relief seems necessary. First off, the promised update on young Bonny’s progress. As you can see, no longer the fluffy chick of a month ago:

Bella, understandably, seems fairly proud of the job she’s done:

Meanwhile, yesterday Kiki saw a Christmas tree for the first time. The lights are an endless source of fascination; he hardly moved from the spot all day:


I hope he is feeding himself as well!


Fear not! He’d sit there for a few minutes, wander off for a scratch around, then hop back up for another look. They all spend surprising amounts of time staring in at us from various windows; I suspect they feel we are here purely to serve and entertain them.

I also suspect they may be right.

Meanwhile, found a better pic of young Bonny:


A splendid young thing!


Chickens are surprisingly endearing. Yours are a delight Joe :blush:


Oh, I love these reports, joe! As Marjorie has said, your chickens are a delight.
Soo xx


Soo’s been a bit down since yesterday, as he’s been left completely alone. However, we should be acquiring a few “retirees” tomorrow, so he’ll have a new harem to be bossed around by. All being well, there should be photos in the next day or so…


Your chicken photies are always so very welcome, joe. I am looking forward to see the new harem and note, with gratitude, the respect that Reporters are showing between the Cellar and here. Ahem.
Soo xx


Well, Soo is now hiding in the nest box while two pairs of sisters have taken over the rest of the coop. It’ll take until tomorrow for them to get to know one another properly; they basically ignored him today. Still, better that than the sort of chaos that ensued the last time we introduced new hen.The fact that these are older and have been together all their lives should avoid too many issues.

Photos will have to wait till tomorrow because of poor light. Watch this space…

Meanwhile, a big day for Jilly today, as she has finally deigned to start earning her keep:


Well done that hen!


All the best of laying wishes to all of the fowl - including Soo, which sounds a bit odd. But, there we are.
Soo xx


I think Soo’s very much looking forward to a bit of laying… :wink:


I couldn’t possibly comment. Tsk.
Soo xx




I think they had a collective headache…


Well that’s point of lay and no mistake. Clever girl.


I may need counseling.
In other news - I wish rooster-soo all the best.
Soo xx


Except she was supposed to be POL when we got her in mid October!


I’m going to attempt to bluff this out. I think she has been conflicted. She THOUGHT she should start laying but also knew that hens go right off lay as days get shorter. This has resolved itself by egg production starting bang on the solstice; which is, incidentally, one of my favourite days. Nothing like the promise of longer days and trees coming into bud to make Spring a mere hop skip and a jump away.


Later than I promised, I know, but things have been a bit hectic…

Anyway, new chooks settling in nicely: