Poultry report


What handsome birds. Are they a particular breed and I have missed it, sorry?


And even more pressingly than their breed, what are their names?
The breed is Remarkably Fortunate Chicken, I suspect.


What glorious feathers! They really do look rather pleased with themselves - and who wouldn’t?


The Naming Of Chickens is a serious business; we didn’t do too well with Soo and Kiki, after all. Doubt even Eliot would have been up to it.

We will know when they let us know.


If they are shy of letting you know, one of them has to be Japonica, for today we have naming of chooks. Her oppo could of course be Coral, should she glisten sufficiently and roam slightly.

your chooks, your choice ;- )


Can I have a go? As they look so bloody superior I’d go for Mapp and Lucia.


Well, a good pair of names but it would mean that one had to be utterly horrible and given to phantom eggnancies and the other reasonably horrible but sleekit enough to get away with almost anything. Does one really want that - those -qualities in a chicken?
Smug Gus with an apparently forgiving Mrs B Cat close by (she’ll make me pay, nae doot, but tonight she seems infused with the Christmas spirit, which is Most Puzzling)


A little girl in the park yesterday explained to me that their Working Cocker was called Olive because she was black. Oh yes, I was in posh Bristol!! At my end of Bristol children generally wouldn’t have heard of olives. Their parents don’t seem to have heard of poo bags which is why we’ve gorn posh.


Olive was very rude and unkind to Rudolph.


First day of freedom!


Now that is a happy sight. I am a sucker for a chook’s upturned bum. And not in a bad way, before me words start getting twisted. Head down, bottom up, getting stuck in to where a worm might have passed as recently as two days ago, and chatting in chook the while ;- )
Busy birds,


“Well, no point in us both getting wet feet…”


Not daft, then, yon Bonnie…

I do love the poultry reports. Thank you.


My thoughts exactly Gus :grinning: Joe please keep them coming :grinning:


Oh - and Tysie’s New Year Resolution seems to be to check that I’m actually working when I’m in the office:


If you’ve got heating in there (or fodder), then I think the motivation might be a great deal less supervisory than that

What a very handsome fine bird he is.


I think it’s the colours on the screen; as I said before, they’ll spend hours on end watching the lights on the tree! And the heating in the office isn’t great; there are far warmer places they could (and do) sit. They all seem to gravitate to that particular window, though.


Maybe they just loves you, joe: had you considered that one?


More likely a sort of morbid fascination: “He’s quite mad, of course; let’s go and have a look-see what he’s up to now.”


Bah! You pourer of cold water on poultry-romancing, you. And I will bet quite a lot (Mrs Pidge’s larder for the month, say) on you having never been called that before. Well you have now.