Putting LowestLox on t'Map?


Properly speaking it is duck tape, not duct tape. So called from the material used to make it as early as 1900: grade 12 duck, plain woven cotton fabric, very easy to get hold of, was what the backing material was. Later and for a short time it was used to repair piping, hence the confusion about the name. Duck Tape is now a trademarked item, like Elephant Tape…

Duck tape does have the advantage of being possible to say in a hurry.

Gaffer tape (usually black, in my life) comes off easily; duck tape (usually grey ditto) doesn’t. This may influence your choice…


In the Nice Modern Art Gallery there was fixed to a wall (& still is, I saw it last year) a large ‘American’ car, rusted and squahed in height so it’s almost 2D.

We saw it maybe 18 months after the ‘Queen of all our hearts’ hadn’t worn a seat belt in Paris.

#2 son, aged about 4 or 5 bellowed “Daaad. Is this the car that Diana crashed in ??”


Yer don’t want yer mended ducks coming apart in mid-quack.


Arguable. Duck Tape is the brand name of a subset of the substance (of the aeroplane that’s going to win the war).
My earworms are multiplying in a disturbing fashion; please desist from casual bisection of same when gardening.

They were on to a hiding to nothing, of course, with an Art Show, on radio.
I could and probably will go on about that at a less cross-eyed hour of the night.


Oh, I dunno…
[blushes and scuttles fer cover]


It makes them soggy and hard to light.